Tony was supposed to be a lawyer like his Father. Accordingly, he worked hard to be offered a place at University College Oxford in 1953. In those days though, there was the little matter of two years National service, which he decided to get done first. Oxford agreed to hold his place, and into the army he went, quickly gaining his commission and being sent to the Royal West African Frontier Force based in Nigeria. While he enjoyed and thrived throughout this, his first and shortest career, he had no idea then how it was going to lead to six others, each one totally different from the last. His letter home saying that he had decided that he didn’t want to go back to “school” actually crossed with one from his Father, saying that he could sadly no longer afford University (he had four other children, mostly still in full time private education!).

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This blessing in disguise resulted in an unbelievably varied life, shared with Beatrice Hulanicki, the most beautiful girl whom he was to marry in 1959. He used to collect her from the gates of her school in his tiny old Morris 8, and take her to coffee bars in Brighton, where he would write essays for her home work. Little did either of them know that later, in the Swinging Sixties, Tony would be working for her sister Barbara in her famous Kensington shop called Biba after their lovely younger sister.
Following the notable success of his first book, “The Great White Palace”, Tony has now written about all those careers in “Whatever Next?”, scattered throughout with pictures in black/white and colour, and punctuated with many of those hilarious, but true anecdotes for which he has become so well known……