So many of the 23000 people who enjoyed Tony’s first book wanted to know more about the rest of his life, that he has been persuaded to sit down and write his autobiography. His life so far has been made up of seven different careers, and, not being sure about the eighth, he has called the book “Whatever Next?”.

Colour Picture No3

Colour Picture No8

So many things have happened to him that the pages and pictures, both colour and black and white, scattered throughout the book, add up to an unusually entertaining, in places hilarious, experience. The cover and central theme are all about fashion, including his time at Biba, and his part in the foundation of British (now London) Fashion Week with the support of designers like Zandra Rhodes and Jean Muir, back in 1975. But it is the extraordinary assortment of his other experiences and achievements, before and after Tony’s time in the world of fashion, that enables this biography to vie in many ways with those of more famous people. There are tales of his travels around the world, including being trapped on the roof of a tall hotel in Tokyo and in the crypt of the Taj Mahal. Also how he bought a horse in Africa and learned to play polo, then a second hand yacht in England and cruised far and wide. All this with his beautiful wife Beatrice at his side.  In fact, although she never did play polo, she too bought a sleek black pony, and one person has already said to Tony that it’s worth buying the book, if only for the picture of Beatrice mounted on Takobi ! “Whatever Next ?”  (Matador)  £9.99 in good bookshops or through paypal (plus £1.50 p+p)